5 Reasons Why You Must Turn Off Your iptv premium Today

There is no denying that iptv premium has done much for the betterment of mankind. Most certainly, it has helped us to open our eyes to the world, when we get first hand viewing of scenes of natural disasters, the living conditions of the poor in developing countries, or the extinction of certain animal species. We are kept inspired with sportsmanship at its best via watching the Olympic Games or other sporting event fought hard on the field. We also get to learn how to sauté like a gourmet chef, make better stock investment decisions or about the beautiful Caribbean vacation that we should be taking one day. Visual viewing is nothing like reading about it in a book, for these examples quoted.

Problems start, however, when we develop poor TV viewing habits. These habits exist in two forms: spending an excessive amount of time and poor program selection. It is easy to get addicted. Watching a sporting game or an occasional sitcom can easily turn into a weekly, and then daily affair. Drama serials are the worst, in snarling you into a time trap. You simply find it hard to make any other appointments during the same time slot!

At the heart of it all, too much television hinders personal development. Over a long period of time, it can actually dull the brain, resulting in reduced creativity and poor self awareness. Personal growth is impeded because you would rather spend hours slumped on the sofa, in front of the TV, instead of engaging in more productive activities. In the absence of TV, you have got to admit that you will be spending more time reading, playing puzzles, socializing, painting and doing a whole range of activities.

Fats do not have the opportunity to be burned off because television watching discourages physical activity. You may also have the habit of snacking on unhealthy foods such as potato chips or sweetened pop corn, while in front of the TV. Because your attention is focused on what goes on in the show, you often do not realize how much you are eating. Obesity can become a real problem, as a result.

In fact, excessive television viewing is often said to contribute much to the growing childhood obesity rates. Studies now reveal that the incidence of child obesity has tripled, exceeding rates of the incidence in adult obesity. While kids were encouraged to do more outdoor play one or two generations ago, it is no longer the case. Today’s busy parents find it easier to plonk their kids right in front of the television set, to keep them entertained and out of the way. In fact, kids are conditioned from a young age, to eat with the television on. What will be helpful is to switch off the TV early for some exercise. If you find yourself or your kids getting too much TV time, go outdoors instead to have some sun and play.

Too much television viewing can rob you of a normal social life. You no longer sit on the dinner table to talk about your day. Family conversations are virtually non-existent. Instead, you prefer to eat in front of the TV and to head straight for the sofa in front of the TV after work. If you find yourself becoming like a hermit because you spend most of your free time watching television, then it is time to examine if you should kick your obsession. No amount of television can substitute the need for human interaction. We no longer live in caves. Forming healthy relationships play a big part in our personal development and growth.

Television has been blamed for the portrayal of extreme violence. Violence is often used to sensationalize news and create drama, so as to invoke an emotional response from you. Kids are most at risk because they are still impressionable and often form behavior based on what they have been exposed to. Over time, kids and adults alike can become desensitized to extreme violence.

TV networks have to fight for our votes. In an effort to sustain our interests, scenes on TV become even more gory and gruesome. This can potentially result in mental disturbance, causing those affected to become unreasonably violent and potentially aggressive.

If you keep your TV on all the time, even as background noise, your brain continues to processes what it hears. Television commercials, especially, can impact us in our subconscious thoughts. Herein lies one possible explanation of why you continue to eat junk food, even with knowing consciously how unhealthy or harmful it can be.

You never know what you are going to hear with the TV on, so it is best not to have it on if you are not doing active watching. According to the Law of Attraction, you bring to physical manifestation the thoughts that are within you. If your thoughts are formed through watching television on programs that are negative, then guess what? You are not likely to be attracting positive outcomes.

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