An IT Architect Has to Learn to Challenge All the Facts

Progress seems to rely on enterprise top Miami architects who stand up, challenge the status quo and push the envelope a lot. Many great breakthroughs are innovations made by architects who are able to ignore the so-called facts and figures. Whilst most people are content with the status quo, professional IT architects are always seeking a better, faster, more efficient, more effective method or way of doing things.

Despite the rhetoric, most corporations and the people within them quietly fear change. They are scared that it will create more demanding and less pleasurable working conditions. Particularly if there have been mistakes in the past with IT spend that has blown out or not given the returns expected. As a competent IT architect you have to be aware that innovation and progress can become non-existent unless you challenge the status quo.

Although you must take facts into consideration, good IT architects don’t allow them to carry as much weight as most other people do. An enterprise architecture coach knows that progress relies on standing up and challenging the facts and then taking intelligent action to actually exceed them. They can help you develop the skills necessary to accomplish this.

It’s why a good IT architecture coach will spend so much time developing your skills in dealing with other people. Understanding that human beings are emotional creatures, you can achieve huge success with other people in knowing and understanding one saying – “Help people fulfil their desire to feel important.”

If you remember that people in all levels of an organization crave validation and acceptance and you develop the skill of conversing in language that makes others feel important, you will be able to influence and persuade others to see your unique point of view as an IT architect.

An IT architect is nothing if not an agent of change, and skill development in smoothing the way for the changes you need to make within the organization is one of many you will have to develop and practise. After all, most people resist change. Also at Board and CEO level there may be some massive egos standing in the way of necessary change, especially if previous IT spending has been a cost rather than a benefit.

Your IT architecture career coach will help you develop the skills you need, because in the end, being able to influence people at all levels in the organization you work for is what you are being paid to do.

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