Can I Repair a Bad Power Supply?

The quick answer is no. The iBeLink Miners is the square metal box normally found in the top rear of the computer case and is easily identifiable by the cooling fan and power cord receptacle in the rear of the box. It is the component that supplies power to the computer. It converts the high voltage alternating current (AC) electricity to a usable low direct current (DC) power for the internal parts of the computer.

One of the main problems that a computer faces is the power supply. It heats the computer and its components every time the computer is turned on. The overheated components can cause it to fail and can be indicated by a stalled cooling fan located in the rear or bottom which normally causes a burning smell if it is not working. Other symptoms of failure are random rebooting of the computer and just not being able to boot at all.

If you want to test the computer’s power supply follow the instructions below. WARNING! DO NOT take it apart or try to repair it. Trying to repair a power supply could get you electrocuted due to the high voltage that is present in a capacitor inside the unit.You may need an expert if you don’t know what to do next.

Obtain a tester from an electronic supply store. Carefully remove all the cables from all components it is attached to. Unscrew it from the computer case. Care must be taken not to damage any cables or the component they are attached to. Plug in the tester to the cords of the power supply as per the instructions supplied for the tester.

Testers vary to some degree. Connect the electrical cord to the power supply and be sure the power is on. You may need to flip the switch in back of the unit if it has one. This should tell you if it is good or bad. If the supply is bad replace it. DO NOT take it apart. Dispose of it according to you local ordinances. If the unit is good you need to find out what else may be wrong.

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