How an Architect Can Help With Planning Permission

In Scotland there are over 40,000 applications for planning permission residential architects in Fort Lauderdale lodged with local councils every year and over 90% of these are granted. How are these applications decided and what role does a Scottish architect play in this process?

First of all the rules for planning are very complicated and so anyone thinking of embarking on any kind of home extension, new build or even commercial revamp should seriously consider engaging the professional services of an architect at the beginning of their project.

Most planning permissions are granted at local council level and they have the final say as to what projects require permission and what can be deemed as permitted developments. You may not even need planning permission.

Where permission is required you need to ask your neighbours! Your neighbours will have up to fourteen days to comment or object to your plans and in certain cases your application requires to be published in the local paper. Again here you architect will be worth their weight in gold and their local knowledge will be useful. Planning Considerations

Local council planning offices have to consider a vast number of things when they receive an application. They are responsible for ensuring and controlling positive change throughout our towns and cities, to safeguard historic buildings and areas of natural beauty while encouraging urban regeneration and sustainable building projects.

It’s a lot to juggle but any architect worth his salt will have a good, working relationship with a local planning office and will be aware of what will pass and what wont. This relationship can save you both time and money.

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