Using Two Way Radios in Emergency Situations

During an emergency survival situation,Using Two Way Radios in Emergency Situations Articles our common methods of communication might not be available to us. The power may be out, or we might not be located near enough to a cell phone tower to get signal. Having a pair of 2-way radios is an excellent survival preparedness measure that will serve you during an selecting electronic equipment for use during emergencies that can last several weeks without electrical power, there are features an emergency radio should have.

It is possible for AM radio waves to travel around the world even from relatively low power transmitters. This makes the AM radio band ideal for providing emergency information to very large geographic areas using the fewest number of radio stations.

You may be without power and cannot operate your television, having a portable radio that can also receive the sound of non-cable television stations is also a plus, although you will need to be near these stations to receive their signals. When selecting a radio you should consider selecting one that has the capability to handle both alkaline and Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. DO NOT MIX alkaline and rechargeable batteries at the same time in your radio. Most manufacturers have strong warnings about this in the product manuals.

Features such as repeater capabilities allow for communications over a very wide area. GMRS radios operate in the UHF (Ultra High Frequency) spectrum. At UHF frequencies, changes in antenna height are more significant than higher power levels. External antenna connections using portable flag poles are commonly used for gaining additional height in emergencies.

Some radios feature something called SMART technology. This means that the radio can be set up to only alert you when there is a hazard in your specific county or city. Choosing a radio with this technology will cut down of the number of unnecessary alerts you receive.

Which type of radio is the best for emergencies?

You can use ham radio to report accidents, stalled cars, and fires. Don’t assume that people with cell phones are doing it. It is also important to know how to report an incident quickly and clearly.

CB radios are cannot prove to be that important communication tool during emergencies. As most are either large base station models requiring lots of power which may not be available, or mobile units permanently mounted in a car or truck which still does not meet the need for a good quality battery-powered AM band radio in the home.

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