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When it comes to benchmarking associated to the different companies that grants pph services, there is no doubt about which ones are leading the marketplace, and certainly Price per Head .com is amongst the handful of superior sports betting StakeOnline Casino providers.

Price per Head has been in business for more than a decade now, and during such time, we have become known as the company that has set up the standards by which others are measured.

At our sports betting software company, we count with the expertise of experienced individuals whom have been working within the gambling industry for more than 30 years, which means that we are well aware of how old schoolers used to operate, and what the current business trends are; therefore, we have combined this knowledge in order to come up with an innovative customer relationship management system that is integral, effective, and non-costly, and which is sure to please the needs of any betting agent.

All of the services which we grant are cost-effective, as bookies are only paying for services granted, which means that if a bookmaker has a 50-player portfolio, but only 30 of those players utilized our services during a given week, he will only have to pay a fee for those 30 bettors and not for the total of his clients. This is certainly a benefit for the bookmaker because he is only paying us when he perceives earnings from his clientele.

We are a multi-faceted company, which means that we are not just offering sports wagering solutions, but that we also cover other major areas of gambling such as horse betting and even casino games. This is because we want to help bookies to attain their main business objectives and to expand their range of services in order to increase their earnings.

Some of the games offered as part of this package are poker, black jack, roulette and craps, and this casino solutions are very sought-after because bookies can make a profit using this service even when sports or horse are low. And, all of the profits are going straight to the bookmaker’s pockets, as we only charge for the usage of the service and have nothing to do with the outcome of casino plays in terms of winnings or losses.

At our pph shop, we also count with a mobile betting solution that is becoming quite popular amongst the clients of bookies whom are dealing with us, and the reason is because this is a very secure method that can be utilized to place bets from any place in a private way.

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